Raphaëlle , an award winning Cinematographer left France for New York when she was 19 yrs old. Her early yearning for adventure and keen sense of curiosity led her to share time ( and AK 47 ! ) with the FMLN in El Salvador, study Orishas in Cuba , hike around Guilin in China ... ( amongst other places) by herself and with her camera .Those invaluable and formative experience were fundamental and a great asset for the understanding of the humans psyche and helped her being known as a sensitive and resilient Cinematographer.
Believing that light is the essence of cinema , she worked in the lighting department as a gaffer and film electrician, honing her skills in the NY indie film scene of the 90’, with such directors and artist as Todd Solondz, Vincent Gallo, Bruno Dumont or the Wu Tang Clan , all the while studying at the New School and the Maine Workshop.
Her most recent work , Rien ni Personne, a thriller and character study by Gallien Guibert is currently in post production , in theatre in 2022.
Raphaëlle is also a documentary filmmaker. Her latest documentary for Canal + “A lifetime apart” was met with widespread praise, critics calling it "a poignant , humanistic story ", highlighting "the magic of the relationship and of the cinematographic experience".
She is a lover of fine art, yoga, the great outdoors, travelling Planet Earth, an environmentalist & feminist, and a mother.